How to Use – Premium Member Accounts

A.  Preliminary:  gather this info before starting a new return

  • Get your Fuel Receipts showing the gallons purchased and the jurisdiction(s) where you bought fuel
  • Get your Miles Driven in each state or province
    (to instantly purchase and install a state-by-state mileage and route calculator, see this link and double-check your mileage before, or while doing your IFTA.)

B.  Using Your Switchboard Page:

  1. Sign in and go to the SwitchBoard Page first.  Fill out your company basic info in the “Company Info” tab and click save if it is your first time.  Make sure to select “U.S. Standard or Metric units when you save your company depending on if you file to the U.S. or to Canada.
  2. Click the “Trucks” tab and the “Add Truck Button” to add a new truck number.  You must have at least one truck in here to do a return.  (take note that later when your return is completed, you can come back here to the “Trucks” tab in the Switchboard to get individual Truck Reports.
  3. Click the “IFTA Returns” tab to view previous returns or to start a New Return.  Make sure to identify the quarter and year correctly when beginning a new return.  You will be taken to the Premium Calculator now where you can add fuel and miles to an existing or a new return.  You can begin (or continue) IFTA returns either manually here in the “IFTA Returns” tab or by using the spreadsheet upload method shown in Section D below in these instructions.

C.  Using the Premium Calculator:

  1. After either starting a new return in the Switchboard, you can click its link there to get to it in the Premium Calculator.  The “Summary” tab is your your summary of total miles, fuel, and trips for this return so far.
  2. Click the “Add miles” or the “Add Fuel” tabs to enter new miles or gallons
  3. You MUST associate all miles or gallons with a “trip” so you will need to “Add New Trip” or select an existing trip while entering fuel or mileage.  If you have a multi-truck account, you will also choose which truck you are entering when you make a new trip.
  4. Select the jurisdiction and add the taxable and non-taxable mileage or fuel gallons for that jurisdiction and then save by either pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard, or by clicking the “Save” button
  5. REPEAT step 4 for all of the jurisdictions in which your truck or fleet drove and bought fuel
  6. If you are filing late, check the “Filing Late” box at the bottom of your return.  Today’s date will go in the box.  But you can choose whatever date you like and click “Recalculate” to see what the penalty will be based on the date you will file.
  7. Click the “Final Report” button at the bottom of the page to view your work at any time
  8. With the “Final Report” screen open, you can then PRINT or EMAIL your report by scrolling to the bottom of the report.
  9.  Use the Final Report to enter the totals for each column into your state’s web site IFTA payment form (if applicable.)

Uploading Miles and/or Fuel from your supported device or provider*:

  1. Save your Miles and/or Fuel data as a .CSV format file to your hard drive
  2. Go to your Switchboard page and click the “Upload Tab”
  3. Select the appropriate data provider, the Quarter, and the Truck.
  4. Click “Select Files” and select one or more files that you saved in Step 1
  5. Click “Upload Files” and this site will automatically enter your data into a new or existing return for the Quarter and Truck you selected in Step 3.
    * currently supports bulk uploading of Miles, Fuel, or Both from Rand McNally GPS TND520, 530, 720, 730, and 760.  We also support importing the miles and fuel files as saved from a Profit Tools or MYSTC account, or from EFS fuel cards, our GPS truck tracker unit, or our state mileage calculator program.

Other Tips and Tricks:

To clear and delete all data for a return, click on “Start Over” at the bottom.  BUT BEWARE that any numbers you have entered for that Quarter will be lost if you start over.  This will not erase any data from other quarters – only the one in which you clicked “Start Over.”

  • TIP:  Your total tax due is always updated at the top-right as you perform each entry.
  • TIP:  NOTE that your truck or fleet MPG is always shown on the page and in the final report.  If the MPG is not logically matching what you believe that your truck or fleet average should be, then you have likely forgotten to put in all of your entries for miles/kilometers or all of your fuel purchases!
  • NOTE: this site does not file the return with your state or calculate city-to-city mileage for you at this time.

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