IFTA date periods and when is it due?

The tax periods are by calendar quarter as follows:

1st Quarter – Jan through end of March – DUE ON APRIL 30

2nd Quarter – April through end of June – DUE ON JULY 31

3rd Quarter – August through end of September – DUE ON OCTOBER 31

4th Quarter – October through end of December – DUE ON JANUARY 31

Note:  If you are paying late (i.e. after the Due Dates listed above) you must also include a late payment fee based on how many months you are overdue.  (see your state’s 101-MN IFTA form instruction sheet for your exact late penalty calculation.)

Note 2: OUR WEB SITE CALCULATES LATE PENALTIES AUTOMATICALLY FOR YOU FOR ALL MEMBER ACCOUNTS!  You can even run scenarios to see what the penalty would be based on when you think you may file.

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