Do all jurisdictions charge the same rate?

NO.  Every state and province has it’s own rate.  They publish these rates shortly before the current quarter ends.  They provide those rates online prior to the month that you have to file in.  You pay one check to YOUR filing state.  They will distribute to the other states or provinces in which you drove.

These rates can change from quarter to quarter.  For list of current and past rates, you can click here.

In ADDITION, if you drove in a “highway use tax” state, you may have to pay a separate tax to those states if your vehicle qualifies with the following:
Oregon:  if you are over 26,000 pounds, you pay a “weight-mile” tax to them and your actual IFTA is zero.
New York:  If you are over 18,000 pounds
New Mexico:  if you are over 26,000 pounds
Kentucky:  and, if you are over 60,000 pounds you must also have their Kentucky Highway Use licence (KYU) or the equivalent KYU trip permit for those without the KYU license

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