State Mileage Calculator Program

NOTE:  This is NOT AN IFTA CALCULATOR PROGRAM!  This is an optional download for CALCULATING STATE MILES ON TRUCK ROUTES for using along with a site like ours or other IFTA calculation methods.

Video above shows a sample 3-stop trip plan with the printable / emailable directions, the fuel estimate, total miles, and state-by-state miles report for that trip. HELPS WITH IFTA FILING.  Calculates up to 50 stops on one trip.

CoPilot Live Truck V8 (for Windows) does NOT work with iOS or Android products
(U.S. and Canada dock-to-dock, city-to-city, or zip-to-zip truck route software map program with State Mileage)

For computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 or Windows 10.
IMPORTANT! – Windows Vista is NOT supported.

(Note for Apple Mac owners:  it will ONLY work for Macs that have Parallels  or Boot Camp and Windows installed.  It DOES NOT RUN NATIVELY on MAC OS.  This program is NOT an IFTA fuel tax calculator.  It is a state mileage calculator ONLY.)

$159.95 (instant download digital version)
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Nothing will be sent in the mail. This is a downloaded product. You will be sent to a download link immediately after purchase and will receive a product key instantly in your email.


Free gps fleet truck tracker for IFTA miles  Did you know that this web site can import your miles from CoPilot Truck version 8?  Yes, it can!  Eliminate needing to enter them one at a time and do a “bulk import.”

– This file is 1.4 Gb in size so be prepared with a good internet connection before attempting to save it.

  • No Internet connection is needed once the program is installed. All maps are loaded to your computer.
  • Can be used on unlimited computers, and moved, but can ONLY BE ACTIVATED on one computer at a time.
  • One-time purchase – no further fees or internet connection needed after it is installed.
  • Canadian customers must phone in their order please.

Free gps fleet truck tracker for IFTA miles  TIP:  ELIMINATE needing to even figure out the mileage next time with one of our truck tracking units with no equipment costs!

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