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* Please remember that the site now automatically purges inactive “5-Day Pass” level accounts 30 days after the expiration date and 6 months after the expiration date on all other levels.

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Recent News:

07/01/18:  2nd Quarter rates are final for all levels.  Preliminary 3rd quarter, 2018 rates are live for member accounts

03/30/18:  1st Quarter, 2018 rates are final.  Preliminary rates for 2018, 2nd quarter are entered for all member accounts.

12/28/17:  4th Quarter 2017 FINAL rates are entered.  Preliminary rates for 2018, first quarter are in.

10/30/17:  Added new “Reports” function to the Switchboard Page.  Allows members with multiple trucks to print “fleet reports” showing all trucks in one report.  Report can be grouped by truck or by jurisdiction.

09/27/17:  Third Quarter Rates final in both the free and paid calculators.  Preliminary 4th Quarter rates live for Premium accounts.

05/12/17:  NEW LOWER membership rates across the board!  The rates for all 90-day premium accounts have now been dramatically lowered (including the accountants/service provider IFTA accounts.)

04/01/17:  2017 Second Quarter preliminary rates are in for Member calculators.

03/31/17:  2017 First Quarter rates are final and live for Free and Member calculators.

01/01/17 – 4th Quarter rates are now live for the FREE calculator.  Preliminary rates for 2017 1st Quarter are also now live for PREMIUM calculators.

12/21/17 – added the ability to import the fuel and miles report that is produced by Garmin GPS devices.

12/7/16:  4th Quarter rates are now final for the member calculators.  They will be live for the free calculator on Jan 1.

10/1/16:  3rd Quarter 2016 rates now live for the free calculator

9/2/16: 3rd Quarter rates for all Premium calculators are finalized.  Preliminary 4th quarter rates are entered.

7/1/16:  Second quarter (2016) rates went live for the free calculator

6/25/16: Preliminary rates for the 3rd Quarter of 2016 have been entered into all member calculators.  Preliminary rates are subject to change before the government finalizes them later in the quarter.  We’ll keep up with it as always.

6/5/16:  Major site upgrade – Added additional data import formats for Rand TND760, EFS fuel cards, our GPS tracking devices, and the CoPilot Truck state mileage calculator program.

4/1/16: The 1st quarter rates are now live for the Free Calculator

02/16/16: Fixed an issue with late fee function when using Edge and Internet Explorer browsers only.

1/5/16:  The 2016 1st Quarter rates are in the Premium Calculators

1/1/16:  The 2015 4th quarter rates are live now in the free calculator

12/28/15:  Major site upgrade – added Service Provider (Accountant’s) versions.  Also added automatic late penalty & interest calculation based on your filing date scenarios.

12/15/15:  The 4th Quarter (2015) rates are final and live in the premium calculators. They will be live in the free calculator on Jan 1st.

10/1/15:  The 3rd quarter rates went live for the free calculator demo.

9/17/15:  The 3rd quarter (2015) rates are finalized and live in the premium member calculators.

7/1/15:  The 2nd quarter rates went live for the free calculator demo.

6/30/15:  Excel spreadsheet versions of our calculators are now available for download HERE

4/20/15:  The 2nd quarter 2015 rates are now finalized and ready for the premium calculators.

4/8/15:  The ability to import CSV files from Rand McNally GPS, Profit Tools, and MYSTC programs is now live on the premium accounts.

4/1/15:  1st quarter 2015 rates are now live in the Free Calculator

1/20/15: The 1st quarter 2015 rates are now live in the Premium Calculators

1/1/15:  The 4th quarter 2014 rates are now live in the Free Calculator

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