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IFTABOSS Liability (a product owned and operated by DieselBoss Inc) is also referred herein as IB for the purpose of this user agreement. Use only after agreeing with the following:

IFTABOSS and its employees and contractors have made every effort to make all the calculations and forms in this program as accurate as possible using Department of Transportation (DOT) and tax authority information. Although the tax authority changes rates, procedures and rules for filing IFTA taxes, we will make every effort to update the changes when notified at no additional cost to the user (customer). The DOT has not approved this form as it does not approve or endorse any one program.

IB is not liable for server failure, internet failure, computer error or failure, entry error, or any other failure out of our control. If there is a failure caused by IB, the maximum refund will be limited to the current quarterly charge, charged to the customer for using the IB calculator.

Rates and features will be determined by IB on a quarterly basis and could change without notice. The maximum refund in the event of a calculation error within the site code will be limited to payment (if any) the customer made for calculating IFTA Taxes for the present quarter. IB does assume accurate calculation of the actual correct values entered by the user.  IftaBoss is NOT responsible for User input errors or erroneous data from the User or by an Accountant representing an end user client.

User Responsibility

The user will be responsible for entering all information in the form(s) on our site accurately such as, but not inclusive of, miles and gallons in each jurisdiction. The user will agree to pay a small pre-determined fee to IB for the use of the program (if there is a charge), excluding any free use program. If the user pursues loss of business or any monies, all lawsuits have to be filed and heard in an Oregon court of law. The user will pay all attorneys’ fees unless otherwise deemed by the Oregon court.

It will be the user’s responsibility to confirm all information entered and to back up the information. The user will have their agreement with companies or clients and assume their own liability to their customers and hold IB and Dieselboss Inc® harmless. The user understands, in no event shall IB or Dieselboss Inc® be liable to any other person or entity for punitive, special, incidental, consequential damages arising out of the use of this IFTA calculator including but not limited to, loss of profits, late charges, or any other charges charged by any governmental authority or by any third party who was hired to complete IFTA Taxes.

Privacy Policy

This web site uses “cookies” like every other web site as a means of temporary session-related data for the calculator to function.  In addition to session cookies, our analytics data is collected to help us understand web site traffic referrals and usage.  AT NO TIME DO WE COLLECT ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION from non-member users.  For membership accounts, we obviously store your past IFTA returns, your email address, and whatever company info that you enter into the “Company” setup tab on our secure servers.

AT NO TIME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE SELL OR SHARE USER INFORMATION OF ANY KIND WITH ANY THIRD PARTY.  YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE UNSOLICITED (SPAM) OR ANY OTHER UNWANTED COMMUNICATIONS FROM USING THIS SITE AS A RESULT FROM ANY WILLFUL ACTION ON OUR PART.  The only communications we send ourselves will be either related to your account here, or related to to site upgrades and changes to keep you informed.  In addition, all full memberships are entitled to our free bi-weekly truck stop fuel prices report unless opted out of that report.

GOOGLE:  we use the Google ReCaptcha security and bot detection system during the member checkout to combat user ID theft and credit card fraud.  Use of our site checkout process when becoming a paid member is therefore also subject to the Google Terms of Service (found here) and the Google Privacy Policy (found here.)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything on this legal page, or anything else, please contact us using the form or number by clicking the “Contact Page” at the top menu bar.

Thank you, (a product from DieselBoss Inc. found online since 1999 at

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