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Current fuel tax tool pages and tools available:

Latest Features:

  1. Service provider (Accountant’s) versions for bookkeepers and accountants – allows for unlimited number of different companies to manage in your account.  Limited only by the max number of total trucks you choose to manage!
  2.  Now automatically calculates Late Penalty and Interest for late returns!
  3.  NEW!  “Fleet Reports” for multi-truck accounts to run by state or by truck.
  4. Now displays what an individual driver costs you (or owes) in a multi-truck account using the FLEET MPG FIGURE or the TRUCK MPG FIGURE
  5.  Import your miles and/or fuel directly from a spreadsheet from your GPS or other data sources.  (Rand McNally TND GPS, Garmin DEZL, ComData,  EFS fuel cards systems, Mystc software, GeoTab ELD, Profit Tools, CoPilot Truck laptop GPS, AirIQ tracking devices.)
  6. Top security encryption techniques and speed enhancements have been beefed up!  We have made your user experience faster and more secure than ever.

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